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Open Letter to Scribd

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Although I’m satisfied with the answer received to my complain, it doesn’t make me feel safe with Scribd as a company. First of all, Scribd allowed Smashwords to enter my private account (according to the reply received to my complain) and upload a picture (which is not mine, and even if it was it shouldn’t, as I intend to keep my profile private). Well, Smashwords already has their own account for my ebooks with scribd, so why should they have access to the account I created by using my own “private” password? Second, if anyone can review my ebooks without reading them, what’s the point of having reviews on Scribd? If a publisher wants to destroy my sales, that’s very easy, and much easier than what’s already being done by Amazon and was actually done to me in particular. Although I believe that Scribd has good intentions, I don’t see professionalism in its management. Sometimes I wonder if having the name “Marques” affects how a North American company replies to me, or if all the replies have the same rooted intention behind them. I always feel that there’s a certain level of disdain and inconsideration in all my replies from Amazon, Scribd and Lulu. This issue, adding to the fact that my ebooks have been taken out of the market many times due to false accusations of copyright infringement, doesn’t make me feel safe regarding, very likely, racist and xenophobic attitudes, or simply the prejudice, of companies that should work for Authors, not try to enslave them. Does anyone wonder about how many times my accounts were hankered and my ebooks stolen? Does anyone question the possibility that somebody may be copying what I write and then accusing me of doing the opposite? Does anyone even compares the date in which my ebooks were published (the 1st version of each), with those that are similar with mine and higher in the rankings? I’m unsatisfied with most of the companies I cooperate with, and Amazon has the same problem as Scribd, as somebody recently entered my account and hackered my ebooks, but the employees of Amazon don’t give a shit about it, as it is very obvious in their replies, despite having shared this issue directly with Jeff Bezos. I only have this to say: I’m constantly being interviewed and next time somebody asks me about Scribd and Amazon, or Lulu, and other companies I have no trust with, I will say what I wrote here for all the other Authors to listen, just like I will share it in my blog. I will do the same in my online courses. So, hopefully, by the time I say it, Scribd will be able to make my comments seem outdated. Basically, I’m not against any company, even though some Companies seem to be against me (as it seems by the threats of deleting my author account that I received from both Amazon and Lulu, which at the same time sell much less copies of the same ebooks when comparing to others I cooperate with, making me distrust their numbers as well) and I’m putting my ebooks in all of them, but the credibility most companies present is very doubtable and questionable. To name one example, the same title on iTunes, sells 20 times more if it’s published by Smashwords, than when published by Lulu.  And it’s really sad that so many Authors are afraid to say the truth about these numbers, afraid of the Companies where they publish their work. What’s the point of being a writer if you can’t say the truth about what you see? What’s the point of being a publisher if you don’t support honesty and truth, among other noble values that make books have the meaning they should have and always had? In other words, somebody has access to my passwords in both Amazon and Scribd, despite the fact that I keep changing them, somebody is rating my ebooks without reading them, despite both platforms not giving a shit about it, and somebody is trying to destroy my sales with the cooperation of these 2 companies. I’m actually giving my trust to Scribd by allowing my books to stay there, despite the problems and the Zero sales achieved. And one more thing, not all people named Marques are born in Mexico. I actually never visited it. I was born in Europe, lived in most of the European Countries, and spent more than half of my life in Asia. I also have over 15 pen-names, and this is just one of them. It’s not easy to find my picture online because I don’t want to be known by my face, but for what I do. And maybe what I write here doesn’t have any significant meaning to most of the publishers and authors reading it, but that’s ok with me. That’s how I allow others to tell me their real value as individuals. Eventually, we all die, and everything is erased from the memory of mankind, which chooses to believe in random values, supported by a few, not necessarily the most truthful. I only hope that others could see this world and time in a wider scale, like I do, as in this way they could learn more about respect. And because everything must have a more uplifting intention, I suggest to any publishing company and distributor, or ebook platform, to pay attention to the Companies that share the most positive values among all, Smashwords and Draft2Digital. And, although Google Play cuts 48% of my earnings, is still, at the end, paying me more than any other. And I rather earn 52% out of 7000 dollars than 80% or 90% out of 70.

I would like to share this beautiful text with my followers, which reflects well the application of the word “responsability” in my books, so very often misunderstood, due to the level of immaturity in most of the human souls living in this planet.


Antonio Terrer Hernández C… R… C…
Knight of the Rose Cross


“Pain is the megaphone with which God speaks to the Deaf.” I use this phrase, heard in a movie, now because it defines what I want to express in this work quite well.

Pain is a warning or alarm signal that some organ of the body that sends to the brain by means of the nervous system so that the person responds and puts in motion the necessary means to correct the causative irregularity. This demonstrates clearly the perfection of this wonderful machine that is the human body.

I won’t treat the topic as medical science because nothing would come from my pen but ignorance and what I do not know. I want to develop this as a cause and effect that takes place that is produced by another cause that comes from another effect and then arrives at a limit in which the profane world stands before a closed door to which no explanation can be given. But from the esoteric point of view that door can be opened and where it leads can be seen.

Pain can be produced by accident, physical deficiency or illness. In the case of accident it corresponds to inadequate behavior of the bearer of the body due to unawareness, ignorance or recklessness that has taken its vehicle on an erroneous path that has produced an incident. This is easy to understand at first glance. Now we enter into more esoteric depths we could give us many reasons and explanations to understand it but we won’t address them in this work.

Physical deficiency may have been produced from birth by illness, accident or defect. In the case of a birth defect we must see it as a consequence of something previous to birth. Since the study of genetics can not give us explanations in all cases, and although those who study esotericism know that we chose in the spiritual plane and with free will the tests that we will experience to learn during our lives. From this it is logical to suppose that the choice was made in a plane without selfishness, with a view to the cosmic host and with the hope of completing in the best way possible the mission that was freely chosen in which our body is ideal for the best attainment in our goal. Therefore the state of the vehicle continues to be our responsibility with its particular expression.

The case of illness is perhaps the one lived with daily, it is the one that at the least causes us the most fear since we believe that the accident can be controlled more or less by wisdom and avoiding risks; we either don’t have or have accepted it and don’t worry about it in a same way. However when illness begins and it is necessarily painful is when fear really enters us and we want a solution because in our ignorance we are afraid to suffer and die.

Illness is a deficiency or deterioration of a part of our organism, taking place due to wrong use of our body. It is quite easy to accept the visible consequences of our acts, but when we don’t know the reasons of this illness we don’t understand what is happening to us.

A healthy body is one in which all the components are in balance; it includes the fair proportions of liquids, salts, mineral etc. that are needed by each part of our organism for its correct functioning. When the balance is lost naturally the organism and the part that most effected by the deficiency, excess or defect of these proportions is the one that manifests the illness. Everyone knows that an imbalance causes not only physical deficiencies, but also psychic states and the nervous alterations. Due to lack of knowledge of the processes of nature in our organism, or refusal to recognize defects characteristic of our personality because doing so produces anxiety, uneasiness, fear, etc. is harmful to the mental balance and reflects as a consequence in the corporal. A relaxed and harmonized mind translates to a tranquil body for the correct function of the organs. Envy, avarice, intolerance, selfishness, lust etc. cause alterations to the power of the organism to distribute the resources prepared and produced. By this means one part is affected to the detriment of another since the weaker organs (whether from birth or continuous deterioration) lower their necessary requirements to the minimum to balance and then their own resources indicate illness as a result of the deficiency or excess beyond the fair proportions.

All that takes place in our mind and we manifest in this plane is the result of what we are.

Our reactions in daily life are a reflection of our personality and balance or lack of it, the control of that balance not only depends on the conscious or unconscious knowledge retained by our mundane personality, but also the knowledge stored in our soul from previous incarnations.

Everything in creation is governed by the law of Love, the harmonious union of each and all of the beings that compose it. From that perfect harmony the law arises in which each being has a precise place in the vast Cosmic unity and all, without exception, should collaborate so that the balance is not harmed.

The purest expression of that Love, of that harmony, is an expression of the spirit that manifests as part of the Divine Essence, it is what gives life to all that exists and controls it. It is the spiritual force in man, the pursuit of this law of Love gives us the behavior for perfect manifestation, for perfect harmony, it gave to men as a privilege their free will that is the power to decide. If the decision made is correct the harmony of this spirit is realized in man, if the decision is incorrect there is no blame, only ignorance of reality.

We make decisions continually, both conscious and unconscious, habits are an example of them. Let us imagine for a moment the quantity of decisions that we make in one minute, one hour, in one day etc. and we will realize the times that we may unbalance our minds and as a result our bodies. Our organism is continually correcting the errors that we make until we surpass the maximum or minimum limit that said organism can support and it is then that “our illness” takes place within us.

Pain is the warning of an imbalance of our organism, it is the warning that we have exceeded the limits tolerated by Cosmic harmony, the scream of God so that we will rectify this and not hinder the harmony of creation.

An accident is an external collision with the current of external life; illness is an inner collision with our current inner life. In both cases the event takes place by own decision to swim against the current in which we disrupt the harmony of creation
Ignorance of the law, although it can be excused at times, doesn’t exempt us from its consequences.

The harmony of creation must continue whether we are conscious of it or not.
If an organism has a condition of balanced health, a balanced mind at peace, won’t it manifest harmony and balance of body, soul and spirit?.

With my desire that balance is manifest in us, I wish for peace to be with you.


Do you know that you’re programmed

to be who you are at this moment,

with all your predicted successes and failures? 

“Civilizations have been born and completed and then forgotten again and again. There is nothing new under the sun. What is has been. All that we learn and discover has existed before” (Colonel James Churchward, 33rd degree Freemason). However, “each generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it” (George Orwell, 33rd degree Freemason).

Maybe you’ve been able to somehow challenge the system in which you’ve been raised by achieving some things that weren’t expected in your lifetime while complying with many others that you weren’t in favor of, but surely you didn’t transform it enough, or you would have lost friends, relatives, jobs and even love.

“Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing” (George Orwell, 33rd degree Freemason).

Do you remember quitting your dreams? It was supposed to happen. Any advice received from people around you, especially the ones that love you the most, were fabricated to make you follow the same mind programming in which you and them are included so that nobody goes out of it.

“If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought” (George Orwell, 33rd degree Freemason), and that’s how the sentences heard since you were born, from parents, teachers and friends, as well as ideas strongly imposed by the media, conditioned the way you think as an individual. This programming is so strong that interferes with our emotions and affects our personality.

However, within this book a path is shown to deprogram yourself, develop the power of being aware of the universal truth and change life as much as you want it to be changed.

88 Secret Codes Cover_EN


Hopefully, you’ll “stretch thinking and awareness” while “uncovering many truths”, just like other readers of this bestseller recognized to have accomplished.

We’re now living in the Age of Aquarius, and “as Aquarius is an airy, scientific and intellectual sign, the New Faith for this age must be rooted in reason” (Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellowship). This is the prophecy and this book shows the way to understand it and accept it by alchemically transforming your conscience and spirit for the order of the new world.
Taking into consideration the amount of information presented here and the level of simplification applied, this is surely the most empowering, enlightening, complete and uplifting book you’ll ever read in your entire life about gaining wealth, power and health with the law of attraction.

 Click Here to Read the Book!

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My Book “O Estudante Eficiente” (The Efficient Student) is (April 20, 2013) ranking NR.2 in the Bestsellers List for Education and NR. 20 in the Bestsellers List for all Categories combined…

ahead of…

Assim falou Zaratustra By Friedrich Nietzsche

Antologia Poética By Fernando Pessoa

A interpretação dos sonhos (Primeira parte) (1900) (Obras Completas) By Sigmund Freud


Cinquenta tons de liberdade By E.L James

Most Sold_Ed

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Writing books can be a very lonely and exhausting occupation, both mentally and physically, specially when what we write is not a novel but a tool that someone will need to change his/her life. My friends and followers from the past will never understand why I’ve abandoned a bright music career as a composer and DJ, surrounded by joyful and energetic clubbers, or even as a Director of Companies, in which a stable salary and a good position can open many doors, to dedicate myself to books that more often than expected, receive criticism, hateful and spiteful words, words that more than it would be expected, have the purpose of destroying my social image and reputation with lies, illogical discrimination, and unrealistic conclusions; words from insane and disturbed individuals, that find in their reviews to my books a way to discharge the hate they feel for a decadent society, because they cannot accept the fact that some people can understand and follow these books. Some may even point out that I receive more negative reviews than positive. The reality, however, is very well hidden, but not so much that we can’t see it if we do want it. First, I must say that Amazon has been deleting many positive reviews, that I’ve been receiving since the beginning from legitimate readers that have paid to read the books, without any logical explanation, while allowing the existence of strange accounts that are open to review only one of my books taken for free. On the other hand, we see many negative reviews from those that download and “read” the books for free, but in many cases can’t even understand the content and complain mostly about the distance between them and the theories, and never the quality of what is written.
Apart from all this reality, I’ve been noticing a growing number of dedicated followers, which appreciate what they read, admire the uniqueness of the books, and eventually become my loyal followers. Platforms like Goodreads and Twitter, among others, have allowed me to know more about such special individuals coming to me. I was surprised to notice that my REAL Readers, the ones that can actually understand what they read and enjoy it, are…
1. Beautiful, both inside and outside;
2. Mostly Artists, namely Writers, Fashion Designers and Musicians, as well as Entrepreneurs and Reporters, but also Priests, Psychologists and PhDs with different Academic Backgrounds;
3. Originating from all over the world, from Europe to South and North America, including South Africa and Southeast Asia;

…and most importantly…
ALL Have Beautiful Smiles!

So I would like to say to all of them:


Thank you for reading my books,
reviewing them on Amazon,
sharing the experience you have
with friends and strangers,
following my interviews and most recent news,
and for being Who You Are!
I feel proud in knowing that being a writer does matter,
and that my words can reach the heart of
The Brightest Souls in all corners of Earth
It’s for all of you that I keep writing
and it’s because of all of you that writing is still a pleasure!

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