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A few days ago, due to too much writing and lack of exercise, I did a bad movement when riding bycicle that resulted in a dislocated soldier.

I couldn’t move my arm in any direction, in any way.

The pain was so deep that I went to see a doctor.

The doctor told me I would probably never move my arm like before, even thought I could, after several months, have slight improvements.

I asked the doctor if the pain was related to any broken bone or dislocated arm.

He said no, mentioning that it’s related to the joints and muscles.

So, I asked him if it was ok to make efforts in order to replace my arm to the previously normal ability.

He said that I could theoretical do that, but would take too much time to recover on my own, that I should be seen by a Physiotherapist while doing that, that I should not do more than 2 specific exercises recommended by him, and that, even if I do this, It would take months to recover, and even I recovered, I would never be again like before.

He advised me acupuncture and very painful massages, every day, until I could reach the maximum possible on my recovery.

That day alone, I created a goal as I left the hospital:

Prove him and all Medical Doctors,


I went for a running to warm up my body.

When I started to sweat, I stopped near a wall.

In that wall, I listened to joyful music and sang happily as I did my exercises.

As I move my arm slowly in different directions, starting with lower postures, I repeat out load and in the rhythm of the music I was listening:

I Love Pain!

Pain is my Friend!

Pain, Pain, Pain!

I Love Pain!

And, occasionally I had to say…




Yes, the exercise was extremely painful, but I never quit.

I kept doing different movements regarding stretching the arms in many directions.

I did far much more than the Doctor had advised me.

When my right arm couldn’t go further, I would use my left arm to lift it.

In fact I used my whole body to help in the coordination of the movements, including my neck.

If we have to put a label on what I did, we could say it is a kind of “Danielorobics”, as I mixed knowledge accumulated for nearly 20 years in Martial Arts, but also from Yoga and Dancing, my own way.

There was no specific routine or plan. The procedure consisted in studying my body.

Where I felt more pain, that is where I would insist in going, while…

Singing with a smile.

In that specific painful point, I would repeat as many different movements as possible.

Then, I would move to other exercises.

Ocassionaly, I would just circle my arm forward and backward to see where the pain would be higher, and then stop there, to repeat more sequences.

This was the most painful one hour of my life

Since I earned my black belt in Kempo

after fighting 2 Masters of 3 Different Martial Arts.

When I was so dizzy with the pain that I couldn’t continue is when I stopped.

But not for long as before sleeping, that same day, I would do more exercises.

The next day, I woke up with a strange feeling:

My arm was around 80% effective.

I skipped my appointment to the Doctor that day and reschedule to the next day.

The next day I went to him to show my 100% healed arm.

He was astonished.

I kept circling my arm forwards and backwards

with a smile in my face.

“I’m healed now!” I told him.

He couldn’t understand, so he tried to test to confirm.

Confirmation made. It was the last day I saw him.

A disease for life healed in ONE DAY. Because there are laws that go beyond any science or given reality.

These are the principles of the ones that have no limits:

  1. Analyze your possibilities;
  2. Divide your possibilities in opportunities;
  3. Explore the opportunities with your heart;
  4. Laugh at the pain;
  5. Embrace suffering with a joyful attitude;
  6. Don’t stop with the pain;
  7. Keep a clear goal in your mind from beginning to end;




Give up!

Keep this main principle of success:

The deepest the pain,

The lauder the smile!

No body of the physical world,

Including your own,

Or spirit from the outside world,

Including a Demon,

Can defeat

A man with no fears!

Fear is a choice!

Decisions make your reality!

More Real Inspiring Stories:

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Chinese Traditional Medicine says that in order to maximize the resulting effects of our energy and use it properly we must burn our chi, or, in other words, allow the blood flow in our body to circulate properly.

Sports and a proper diet as well as hot water will help to achieve such result.

Now, if we move into the brain area, we know that when eating properly and having a proper routine of exercises, we also stop being stuck in thousands of thoughts that leads us nowhere.

The better our Chi flows inside our body the more accurate and focus are our thoughts.

In fact, if you are really healthy, you have no doubts. The thinking procedure becomes a clear one way pattern to achieve a goal.

It’s when you have multiple thoughts that you can’t achieve goals…

“Maybe I shouldn’t do it now”

“What if I fail?”

“What people will think if I fail?”

“What people will thing if I succeed?”

“Do I deserve it?”


Psychologists will tell you that what you think you can or can’t is related to your personal values and these are part of who you are, your personality.

Nonetheless, they are also experts, like many others, including the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practicioners, in readjusting your personality to your needs.

So, let’s analyse this for a while:

  1. Your Personality is the amount of your values;
  2. The values that don’t match your personality must be reshaped or erased.

So what is really the meaning of personality or value?

Personality – who you are;

Value – what you believe.

Both, Personality and Value can be shaped and changed.

You can be whoever you want to be.

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Many people believe…

“How much a person can understand life, equals to the level of pain he/she experience from life “

This quote is a “self-made prophecy”.

Self made prophecies are values that you have and reinforce with life experience.
If you fail, you take your believe and say…
Life is all about pain and suffering.
If you succeed you say…
Only with pain and suffering can a person succeed.
In the end, you get 2 different perspectives from the same value.
Conclusion: The value is not a true or wrong rule and therefore can’t help in achieving whatsoever.
Also, I can say the following…
you can understand life with pain
you can understand life with joy
and you may have joy and pain
and understand nothing.
I prefer to learn something without pain and with joy, and I did it,
even though the educational system tells me that good grades can only come from painful memorization.
I also prefer to make money with something I love
even though many people have told me that money comes with hard work without any joy.
In the end…
your life is what you want it to be
and you justify it with who you are.
This quote is true for the one who said it. Not for me.
You make it true for you by choice.
I don’t see wisdom in a poor person begging in the street
and I don’t see pain in those that understand life,
I don’t believe in this rule.
In a logical resume,
I would say…
“How much a person can understand life, equals to the level of interest he/she experience from life “

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There are, generally speaking, only a few important things operating in the same process when you shift your focus to success.

They all come from what the Psychologists have defined as Conscious and Unconscious.

In fact you can tap into your unconscious mind from a conscious perspective.

All you need is a self-analysis of your thoughts and behaviors.

Here we reach a crucial point about the state of mankind. The big majority of people in the world allow the media and social paradigm to tell them what to think. Then they say:

“I know because everyone knows the same”

“Is true because everyone believes the same”

Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are right, without any effort, just by following the majority?

I would call it lazy life-style. Nonetheless, many would still insist:

“Why would I make efforts to think differently if that just makes it more hard to readjust the personal paradigm and our social status.”

Well, maybe, but is also a way to live.

By following the majority, many have died when the Titanic sunk and also when the Nazis decided to persecute everyone that is not blond with blue eyes.

We can also shift the responsibility to another person or source, and we often do, because we are irresponsible about our own life.

As we follow the majority we blame their leaders,

but nobody wants to be a leader of the majority

or even of himself.

We live and die

in a stupid manner

and happy to be stupid.

And we call it…

“being human”.

And we say…

“to do mistakes is human”,

“to have success is a matter of luck”,

and “lack of success is a matter of karma (where you are born and how you are raised)”.

Then, we make God responsible

for everything good and bad beyond our lazy reach,

or we choose Atheism

and apathy about all beyond our spiritual blindness.

When being responsible for our life and everything happening inside it, with or without a spiritual approach about it, we understand that changes follow simple principles in one unique process:

1. Attraction of opportunities;
2. Visualization of such opportunities;
3. Acting with instincts;
4. Accepting the change;
5. Changing the inner self upon changing reality.
New instincts, act from the core of our unconscious mind, every time we reprogram it for a new possibility and desire.
That’s how artists get inspiration that leads them to new insights and ideas.
But that’s also how any person gets new and good ideas for a business opportunity.
Most people live by default and therefore they have no desires, so they allow what is inside their believe system to attract everything.
More specifically, they allow television, social opinion and inner fears to reprogram them.
Not knowing this or refusing to accept it, they will just justify their behavior in a way they believe to be the truth.
And that’s how they enter the comfortable zone…
This is who I am
always have been 
and always will be.
But, why others, trying to copy them, can’t get the same results?
Because the truth is beyond that justification.
Justification is just the unconscious part of the mind trying to support what is now consciously accepted.
Something like “I’ve got it because I was smart, lucky, etc”
People that don’t understand how our reality works, say it like this, referring to their own experience:
“All I did was answer an add on internet,…
meet that person…
write that paper…
…take that specific action.”
Otherwise, they would have done it before.
If someone says to me…
“I applied your theory but I don’t think it works,
because all I did was work more,
get up earlier
and have new ideas”,
I then ask
“Oh, really? So,…
why didn’t you work more before,
get up earlier from the begging
and have this new ideas long ago?”
The answer is:
Because you were living by default,
allowing what is
to just keep being.
Once the focus shifts
to a new possibility,
all the flow of energy shifts
for the possibility 
of a new reality.
What we call “Normal” represents a life of no change.
Real life is about movement
and nature is about transformation in movement.
Simply put,…
you either transform towards life
or towards death.
But you always transform,
according to the combined representations
of you conscious and unconscious together.
Following the previous order, know this….
1. Opportunities are always available, but we can’t see them, even when in front of us, because our brain filters what we see with our inner believe system – what we think we can or can’t do and have.
We always get more of what we think we are.
2. You must put yourself in the flow of what you desire, before you can see it in your reality; Even though, before that, others will see and have what you think that can’t be yours.
If you think that can’t then it will not;
3. Knowledge can help you understand much, but it’s your instinct based decisions that will always put you were you think you should be.
One of the biggest lies of mankind is showing education as a path to a better life, even though many unemployed experts know now that this is not true, even if the lie persists.
Knowledge is about the techniques you have to operate thought
but thought itself is self-determined.
no knowledge can change the closed mind
but merely reinforce its structure.
Knowledge reinforces society as we know it,
but it’s the dreamers that change it.
4. Many failures in getting what you want don’t tell you that you can’t get it, but that you’re closer to get it.
If you didn’t had the experiences you couldn’t had the failures, and without failing how could you know the right path?
In fact, knowing the right path is the way of no path.
Alignment happens in a progressive way,
and takes as much time
as what we need
to align our old self
with the new self.
5. When you say “yes”, you start changing from that day on.
So, people can say to me that law of attraction is an illusion, that all we do is live life as it is. But, what makes the difference between failing for years and suddenly change reality?
Are those people merely lucky?
We can call it luck, yes, but luck has no explanation, can’t be understood or explained and, most important, repeated.
Repeated luck becomes a success paradigm – a rule, a technique, a process,…
Without a success paradigm,
the successful couldn’t succeed.
People that trust luck are not in control of their life and never will.
They are slaves of a world in control of those who use it
with their believes.
We call such believes
our world.
But that is not our world
but the world we accept to see.
The world others have made for us.
They call themselves gods
or behave as God’s representatives on earth
and we worship all their creation,
because we refuse to create our own world.
We worship the Gods they give us, their Religions,
their Financial System, their Educational System,
their Wars, their Life’s Values,
their Messengers, their Stars in Music and Cinema,
their Society and Social paradigms,
and we say
“This is our world”.
Our world is what we want it to be,
with responsibility or without it.

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We realize this article may be a bit long to be read from a blog post, so if you want you can download this as an e-book by right-clicking here and selecting ‘save as’ to save this e-book to your computer.

“I can’t believe my eyes”, people say…

Well, they shouldn’t either. Because you’re eyes don’t actually see.

They’re merely lenses that pass on information to the visual cortex in the brain. And only there do you see.

So you actually see with your brain, not with your eyes. “I saw it with my own brain!” would be a better way to put it. After all, we decode the visible frequencies of light that our eyes pick up into ‘physical reality’. Your eyes don’t send images to your brain of 3D street scenes or whatever we think we see outside of us. They perceive frequencies and then send them to the brain in the form of electrical signals. And your brain decodes those signals into an apparent 3D reality that we think is outside of us.

What we see is ‘light’, as it’s reflected by what’s called ‘luminous matter’. ‘Luminous matter’ reflects electromagnetic light, which your eyes can perceive.

But 95 percent (at least) of the mass in the universe is known as ‘dark matter’ or ‘dark energy’. This ‘stuff’ doesn’t reflect light, and therefore can’t be seen by us humans. However, it can be measured by its effect on the part of the universe that we can ‘see’. That’s how we know it’s there.

But anyway, the only light we can see is the light reflected within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. And we only see those particular frequencies within that electromagnetic spectrum. And actually, it’s only a fraction of the spectrum that can be accessed by our human vision:





But there’s even more… The electromagnetic spectrum is only 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe. And human sight can see only a tiny fraction of these electromagnetic frequencies. So imagine how little of the universe we can actually perceive and decode into ‘physical’ reality!

We’re virtually blind!

The truth is that we only see what the brain tells us to see. And let’s take a quick look at what happens before we actually ‘see’:

– First, light enters the eye by passing through the outer, transparent layer called the ‘cornea’.

– Then it goes on through the pupil, which gets bigger or smaller to allow for more or less light to be let in (depending on the circumstances). This latter process is controlled by the iris (the colored part of the eye).

– Then it goes to the lens to be focused.

– After that, it enters the ‘vitreous humor’, a jelly-like substance behind the lens.

– And then the light (or information) strikes the retina, which ‘captures’ the image like the film in those good old photo cameras. However, this image recorded on the retina is two-dimensional and upside-down!

 The next stop is the optic nerve, which in turn sends the image through the brain to the ‘occipital lobe’. This is where the brain re-assembles the two-dimensional and upside-down image that was delivered by the eyes into the form that we think we are seeing.

So this is really quite a path to travel for what we think is an ‘objective image’ before we actually see it. And what’s even more striking are all the things that happen before we actually ‘see’ the image that we think we see.

After all, what we think is a 3D image that situated outside of us is only constructed when frequencies are recorded as a two-dimensional and upside-down image on the retina. It’s only later (when the info reaches the ‘occitipal lobe’) that it’s constructed into a 3D image. And this construction happens in your brain.

So does the world outside of us really exist in the way we think we see it? But wait… Here’s another thought-provoking realization:

On the way from the eyes to the visual cortex, the temporal lobes edit and reconstruct up to 50% and more of the ‘light’ or ‘information’ that was perceived by the eyes. In his book The Holographic Universe, the late Michael Talbot writes about the work of neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and others [p. 163]:

“Pribram discovered that the visual information a monkey receives via its optic nerves does not travel directly to its visual cortex, but is first filtered through other areas of its brain. Numerous studies have shown that the same is true of human vision. Visual information entering our brains is edited and modified by our temporal lobes before it is passed on to our visual cortices. Some studies suggest that less than 50 percent of what we ‘see’ is actually based on information entering our eyes. The remaining 50 percent plus is pieced together out of our expectation of what the world should look like (and perhaps out of other sources such as reality fields). The eyes may be the visual organs, but it is the brain that sees.”

Wow! And then consider this…

What we don’t ‘see’, we make up. Seriously, we make it up! Here’s how…

Our eyes have a blind spot where the optic nerve connects to the eye in the middle of the retina. We can’t see anything with that part of the eye. However, the brain weaves the picture together from the information available and ‘fills the hole’.

So actually, what we believe we are seeing is what we see. Upon constructing the 3D image that we think we eventually ‘see’, the brain filters and tweaks the information received by filling in holes and matching it to itsexpectations of what there is to be seen, based on its engrained beliefs. And that latter part makes up for more than 50% of the images we actually ‘see’!

That’s quite something! We also describe this mechanism in our free book on the Premises Of Your Own Power (and if you haven’t read it yet, you can get it for free by subscribing at the right hand side at the top of this page). Here are some excerpts of what we wrote:

“Most people will be familiar with overlooking misspelled words. This is because your eyes, or rather your brain, is so accustomed to reading the words in correct spelling, that it simply overlooks a typo. The typo is filtered out of the image by your brain, which causes you to overlook it and see the correct spelling, which is in line with your expectations. This does not happen all the time, but it does happens sometimes, which illustrates the point to make here. Neurophysiologists like Karl Pribram have long been aware of this fact.


In relation to the example of the misspelled words, your engrained belief system (the correct spelling of the words you see most of the time) caused your brain to filter out the information (the typo) that was at odds with its conditioned worldview (its expectations).”

Here’s another excerpt:

“Likewise, studies have shown that men and women often have trouble communicating accurately with each other, because what one says the other does not hear. Each hears merely whatever supports their belief and prejudice about each other. They pick up only what they want to hear, or what supports their conditioned view of the way things are. This is a psychological phenomenon called ‘selective retention’.”

And here’s a final one:

“The catch is that seeing is not just believing. Apparently, ‘believing is also seeing’. Because the information picked up by your eyes is edited by your brain according to its engrained belief systems, a large proportion of what you actually ‘see’ is determined by what you believe deep inside to be true.You see what you believe. And of course, because you see what you believe, you immediately believe what you see, because it supports your belief systems that determined what you saw in the first place. Thus, what you see reinforces your belief system, which causes you to keep seeing things in the way you believe things to be, which in turn again makes you see things in that way. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle!”

(You can read more details on that in the book on the Premises Of Your Own Power…)

But for now, we’re slowly moving into the point that we want to make…

After all, it’s clear that the beliefs programmed into your brain have a significant effect on the way you perceive ‘reality’… or in fact, on the way you even construct reality and thus what you seem to be ‘attracting’!

The thing is… Your brain is not the center of control that determines what happens and what doesn’t happen.

And that’s good news!

Because it’s still true that you can be the one taking control. Youdon’t have to be a slave to your body and brain. That is, if you recognize that you are not your body. You need to recognize that you are indeed the essence controlling it and occupying it to allow yourself to experience this ‘3D solid world’.

After all… Consider all this:

There has been this publication of an article in the scientific journal ‘Science’ with the provocative title ‘Is Your Brain Really Necessary’.  This article was a reaction to the description of this British neurologist John Lorber of a young man of ‘normal development’, with an IQ of 126, and an academic degree in mathematics.

The funny thing was that a brain scan of this apparently highly intelligent young man showed that he was a pretty hardcore case of what’s known as ‘hydrocephalus’, or ‘water on the brain’.

Put differently, the head of this ‘IQ 126’‘academic degree in mathematics’young man was filled with cerebrospinal fluid for 95%. What this means in layman’s terms is that his skull was like a swimming pool for his brain, which basically drowned in all that fluid.

His cerebral cortex had a gauge of about 1 millimeter, so there was hardly any brain tissue left. The weight of his brain was estimated to about 100 grams, where 1500 grams is normal for an average homo sapiens sapiens. But the workings of his brain were hardly impaired at all!

The following picture comes to mind:


Maybe we underestimated him…
Anyway, it seems like the brain is not the source of consciousness. And so the good news is that you can exert control over your brain (and thus your perceptions and the way you construct your reality (or what you seem to ‘attract’)) through your own being conscious.


Put differently: You need to wake-the-hell up!


Basically, your body (including your brain) is a vehicle for experience, and you’re in the driver’s seat.


You can take control and manipulate your perceptions, and it has been shown that you (being a conscious essence) can even change your brain (being a part of the ‘space suit’ (your body) you’re wearing in order to be able to experience this ‘physical ‘reality’).


And if you listen closely, you’ll see this is true, and you’ll learn how you can benefit from this…


Science has shown during our lives there’s this ongoing process of adaptation in your brain. This happens because your mental, intellectual, spiritual and physical activities influence both the number as well as the locations of the mutual connections between neurons (brain cells). This process of ongoing adaptation is called ‘neuroplasticity’ or ‘cortical remapping’.

So basically, because of conscious attention, emotions and active thought processes, as well as due to physical activity and movement, the neural networks in your brain change continually. And as such, the electromagnetical activity in your brain changes all the time as well.

In a recent article in the scientific journal called ‘Progress In Neurobiology’ called ‘Mind Does Really Matter’, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard comes to the conclusion that trust and positive expectations are capable of influencing (changing) the parts in the brain that play a significant role in perceiving, movement, pain and a whole bunch of emotional processes.

So your mental processes (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, but most of all your conscious free will) can significantly influence the functioning of your brain on various levels. Your conscious and deliberate manipulation of your thoughts and expectations not only greatly improves your feelings of well-being. It also causes a demonstrable biological change in your brain.

So what to make of all this scientific mumbo-jumbo?

Well, here we go…

By waking-the-hell up from the vicious cycle that you may find yourself in, you can make astonishing changes in your perceived reality.

After all, we’ve seen that you see what you believe. Your brain edits the information it receives based on its engrained belief systems to determine what you see. And then what you see is merely a confirmation of what you already believe.

It’s a self-reinforcing cycle, and it’s vicious as long as it’s based on beliefs of negativity, being powerless, being poor, feeling guilty, and so on…

But by waking-the-hell up, you can consciously change your perceptions. You can consciously cause significant, demonstrable biological changes in your brain.

Your brain will change, and your perceptions will change. And as your perceptions will change, your beliefs will change. And as your beliefs change into knowing that you have full power over your own reality, your perceptions will change accordingly.

It’s still a self-reinforcing cycle, but not a vicious one anymore.Both your conscious and your subconscious mind will change into a state in which yougenuinely believe down to the core of your being that you’re the one in control. And you can simply pick your beliefs. Your brain, mind and perceptions of your ‘outside reality’ will follow automatically.

Even if you have water on the head, as you have seen…

So who cares if your brain scan looks like Homer Simpson’s?

It doesn’t matter, because you are not your body. You are a unique representation of all that exists, and you kick ass.



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